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80's Artiste

UK Celebrity Appearances from Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell and many more.

Based in the UK, The Nigel Round Management and Entertainment Agency represents and arrange bookings and UK celebrity appearances for Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell and hundreds of other artistes, many of which you will find in these pages. Please contact us for availability or to be considered for our artiste register.

Nigel Round will help bring a touch of glamour to your event or special occasion with a personal appearance from any of our hundreds of celebrities, soap stars, sports personalities, vocalists and groups. To book Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell or any of our other celebrities, please use our contact page.
Nathan Moore Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore was the lead singer of 80’s boy band Brother Beyond and in the summer of 1988 the band reached number 2 and Ireland number one with the Stock Aitken & Waterman produced song “The Harder I Try”. This was followed by... Listen to Nathan Moore

Musical Youth Musical Youth
In 1982 they signed to MCA Records and their first single “Pass The Dutchie” was an instant smash. It went to number one in the UK and reached the same position in many charts around the world, putting “the Youth” on the map.... Listen to Musical Youth

Howard Jones Howard Jones
In the early 80's Howard met David Stopps, promoter of the Friars Club in Aylesbury. Stopps became his manager and he secured a residency at the legendary Marquee Club in London. The rest as they say is history. Howard signed to WEA records and had... Listen to Howard Jones

Hazell Dean Hazell Dean
Hazell Dean.

Hazell established a formidable reputation as "Queen of the British Clubs" scoring a succession of massive club and dance hits which crossed successfully into the mainstream charts. Although Hazell did not have her...
Listen to Hazell Dean

Jaki Graham Jaki Graham
The premiere British Black female soul vocalist of the 1980s, Jaki Graham possesses a distinct and rich voice full of power and emotion.

Born 15 September 1956, Jaki got her musical start as a singer in the band Ferrari before moving on to...
Listen to Jaki Graham

Alexandra O neal Alexandra O neal
Alexander O'Neal (born November 15, 1953 in Natchez, Mississippi, is an American singer. O'Neal sings in the retro-style of soul in both dance-pop numbers and modern, urban ballads.

O'Neal was born in Natchez, Mississippi, but moved to...
Listen to Alexandra O neal

Brother Beyond Brother Beyond
More details will be available soon. Listen to Brother Beyond

Tasmin Archer Tasmin Archer
Tasmin was very different from your average pop wanabee was obvious from the outset. In Sleeping Satellite she seemed to question our human priorities and arrogant attitude towards the planet we inhabit. In Your Care, the follow-up single, was about... Listen to Tasmin Archer

Timmy Mallett Timmy Mallett
Timmy Mallett.

Itsy Bitsy Timmy is best known as the utterly brilliant colourful man with the Mallet! What you don't know is that he has topped the charts in a dozen countries around the world, is an accomplished artist who has had his work...
Listen to Timmy Mallett

Leee John Leee John
More details will be available soon. Listen to Leee John

Limahl Limahl
One might think of Limahl in the same bracket as Boy George, Phil Oakey or Margaret Thatcher as having one of the defining bouffants of the era! But, the original duo tone spiky mullet man was, oh, so much more than his legendary hair, the band he... Listen to Limahl

Chesney Hawkes Chesney Hawkes
More details will be available soon. Listen to Chesney Hawkes

Jeffery Daniels (Shalamar) Jeffery Daniels (Shalamar)
More details will be available soon. Listen to Jeffery Daniels (Shalamar)

Kenny Thomas Kenny Thomas
More details will be available soon. Listen to Kenny Thomas

Sonia Sonia
More details will be available soon. Listen to Sonia

P.P Arnold P.P Arnold
More details will be available soon.

Dr & The Medics Dr & The Medics
More details will be available soon. Listen to Dr & The Medics

Aswad Aswad
More details will be available soon. Listen to Aswad

Bucks Fizz Bucks Fizz
Bucks Fizz.

Bucks Fizz were one of the biggest bands of the early 80's. Eurovision Song Contest winners with "Making Your Mind Up" earned them an instant place in musical folklore and an international number one hit. Following the...
Listen to Bucks Fizz

Modern Romance Modern Romance
More details will be available soon.

Nik Kershaw Nik Kershaw
More details will be available soon. Listen to Nik Kershaw

Black Lace Top Performer > Black Lace

Black Lace have been delivering hits since the late 70's and no party is complete without at least one of their infamous toons hitting the deck.
A DJ without a Black Lace record is not a DJ.

Black Lace...
Listen to Black Lace

Martin Fry ABC Martin Fry ABC
Listen to Martin Fry ABC

Go West Go West
Listen to Go West

Tony Hadley Tony Hadley
More details will be available soon.

Beverley Craven Beverley Craven
More details will be available soon.

Alison Limerick Alison Limerick
Alison Limerick.

Singer Alison Limerick began her music career during the mid-'80s -- after attending the London School of Contemporary Dance, lending backing vocals to high-profile recordings like the Style Council's 1985 LP Our Favourite...
Listen to Alison Limerick

Clive Donaldson AKA Wiggy Clive Donaldson AKA Wiggy
Clive Donaldson

Wiggy from Tv's "Hitman and Her"!

Owen Paul Owen Paul
Owen Paul.

My Favourite Waste of Time!!
Listen to Owen Paul

From The Jam From The Jam
The Jam
had amazing chart success with 18 singles and 7 albums to make the top 40 in the United Kingdom from their debut in 1977 to their break up in 1982. Their last 5 albums were all top ten hits and their last 8 singles made it into the top...
Listen to From The Jam

Boomtown Rats Boomtown Rats
Boomtown Rat original members Garry Roberts and Simon Crowe present their new band

.... Nearly 25 years since playing at Live Aid to an audience of billions, Boomtown Rats guitarist Garry Roberts and drummer Simon Crowe have returned to the...
Listen to Boomtown Rats

The Christians The Christians

Beginning as an a cappella trio, the British soul group the Christians originally comprised brothers Garry, Russell, and Roger Christian; Liverpool natives who in 1986 were joined by former Yachts and It's Immaterial frontman Henry...
Listen to The Christians

Steve Strange / Visage Steve Strange / Visage
More details will be available soon.