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UK Celebrity Appearances from Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell and many more.

Based in the UK, The Nigel Round Management and Entertainment Agency represents and arrange bookings and UK celebrity appearances for Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell and hundreds of other artistes, many of which you will find in these pages. Please contact us for availability or to be considered for our artiste register.

Nigel Round will help bring a touch of glamour to your event or special occasion with a personal appearance from any of our hundreds of celebrities, soap stars, sports personalities, vocalists and groups. To book Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell or any of our other celebrities, please use our contact page.
Nicole Barber-Lane Nicole Barber-Lane
Myra McQueen
played by Nicole Barber-Lane

Myra fiercely defends all of her children, no matter what scrapes they get themselves into. However, this was tested to the max recently after the son she abandoned at birth returned and took revenge on the entire McQueen clan.
As well as losing daughter Tina during the explosion engineered by Niall, Myra was also forced to choose which of her other kids to save. This has resulted in resentment and bad relations in the family even now.

Prior to her role as Myra, Nicole played Mrs Harper in TV series 'Cops'. She's also had parts in both 'Departure Lounge' and 'Bodies'.