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UK Celebrity Appearances from Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell and many more.

Based in the UK, The Nigel Round Management and Entertainment Agency represents and arrange bookings and UK celebrity appearances for Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell and hundreds of other artistes, many of which you will find in these pages. Please contact us for availability or to be considered for our artiste register.

Nigel Round will help bring a touch of glamour to your event or special occasion with a personal appearance from any of our hundreds of celebrities, soap stars, sports personalities, vocalists and groups. To book Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell or any of our other celebrities, please use our contact page.
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David Jordan.

If you’re wondering where all the British pop superstars disappeared to, your answer may come in the shape of David Jordan. At only 21 this singer, songwriter and natural, effervescent live performer is throwing contemporary British pop in exciting new directions with searing rock guitars, throbbing party rhythms, blissful melodies and charismatically executed nods to his own childhood idols.

Right now David’s already something of a one to watch on the live circuit. Born in Barnet to a mother from Montserrat and a father from Calcutta, David has spent his entire life setting his own agenda and his obsession with music is splashed vividly through ‘Set The Mood’, a debut album bursting with life, love, passion and promise. Lead single ‘Place In My Heart’ is a great scene-setter where David’s take on social conditioning, brainwashing and petty bureaucracy is set to a creamy, agile pop-soul backing which builds magnificently to an incendiary, rocking crescendo. There’s plenty of fun on the album, too – ‘Sun Goes Down’ is a dirty, raucous song about how, David explains, “when the sun goes down in London, all the madness starts”. Meanwhile David’s gift for thinking in three dimensions means that he considers the music to be only half the story, with visual accompaniments like artwork, flamboyant photography and captivating video footage completing the picture.

Contact Nigel 07808-360036 or nigelround@aol.com