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X Factor

UK Celebrity Appearances from Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell and many more.

Based in the UK, The Nigel Round Management and Entertainment Agency represents and arrange bookings and UK celebrity appearances for Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell and hundreds of other artistes, many of which you will find in these pages. Please contact us for availability or to be considered for our artiste register.

Nigel Round will help bring a touch of glamour to your event or special occasion with a personal appearance from any of our hundreds of celebrities, soap stars, sports personalities, vocalists and groups. To book Hayley Tamaddon, Ted Robbins, Michael le Vell or any of our other celebrities, please use our contact page.
Rowetta Rowetta
Rowetta re-entered the spotlight in 2004 when she auditioned for a place in the finals of The X Factor. After impressing the judges with her rendition of Lady Marmalade, she was placed in the over-25 category, which was mentored by Simon Cowell, who...

Steve Brookstein Steve Brookstein
Steve Brookstein first came to the public's attention in 2004 as a vocalist who exploded onto our TV screens as the first ever winner of The X Factor. He remains the performer with the most amount of votes with over 6 million across the... Listen to Steve Brookstein

Jouney South Jouney South
Journey South (Andy and Carl Pemberton) hit the big time in 2005 when they appeared on the UK reality show 'X Factor' coming third behind runner-up Andy Abraham and winner Shayne Ward. The guys were the real winners in the end though, when their...

Shaun Rogerson Shaun Rogerson
Shaun made 1.1 million Mums, 1.7 million Nans, 2.2 Million Children and 89 Men Cry as they followed his journey on the X-Factor 2006 (Estimated Figures!!)

He sang in front of 10 million TV viewers on the live X-Factor Final and then toured...

Ben Mills Ben Mills
Ben Mills came third in the X Factor in 2006 and has since been touring constantly and working on new material.

Ray Quinn Ray Quinn
More details will be available soon.

Diana Vickers Diana Vickers
Diana Vickers

Booked via her Management.

Born in Lancashire on 30th July 1991 Diana Vickers has been singing since the age of 11.

Diana has a real passion for music and her talent came to light when she entered the X-Factor in...
Listen to Diana Vickers

Laura White Laura White
Laura White.

Booked via her Management.

I started singing from the tender age of 6 and began learning piano and clarinet at the age of 9. From this age I realised music was all I wanted to do in my life. I soon started singing at...
Listen to Laura White

Ruth Lorenzo Ruth Lorenzo
Ruth Lorenzo

Booked via her Management.

Ruth was born in the South East of Spain and when she screamed loudly during the birth, the doctors said she would be a singer.

Even at the age of one, Ruth loved the film Annie and would...
Listen to Ruth Lorenzo

Leon Jackson Leon Jackson
Leon stood up on the studio stage for the first time just one year ago. He was nervous, he was shaking, and he wasn't really used to dancing. But week after week he returned on the strength of the public vote. Now, Leon is a chart-topping artist and... Listen to Leon Jackson

Andy Abrahams Andy Abrahams
Andy Abraham has already had the chance to prove to the nation that he's incredibly gifted. He won the hearts of over 9 million X-Factor viewers each week with his incredible vocal talents and endearing personality. The release of his first album...